Admire but don’t require

Take care of the most important

Being surrounded by and constantly bombarded with the endless variety of desirable things that this world offers, it is no wonder that we get knocked off centre and are left with feelings of anxiety and incompleteness. In a desperate but futile attempt to try to have it all (all at once) we over-indulge and binge on all that appears to be good and attractive. In the process of trying to secure the thing that we equate with pleasure, we inevitably find that fulfilment is not forthcoming.

To get the most out of a thing, to derive maximum enjoyment and pleasure, it is rarely necessary to go to the trouble of actually, physically acquiring it. What is needed is to alter ones perspective and to learn how to enjoy more rather than to necessarily have more.

If you find yourself in a state of unhealthy wanting or a feeling of lack…

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About anxiousmotherhood

I have found becoming a mother has filled me with such anxiety on a deep and very insecure level. I hope this blog will help me gain my sense of calm, security and peace...

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