Our darling Rhinos…

I really wish we could all do more to save the Rhinos – this is our children’s heritage we’re talking about here.

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2013-07-14 11.09.00As you know, our Rhinos are in mortal danger.  Literally.

According to Rhino Lifeline South Africa,

“South Africa is losing an average of two rhino every three days.  This crisis is the most significant conservation issue the country has faced. South Africa is custodian to most of the world’s remaining rhino.  We are the rhino’s last stand.”

And according to IOL,

Johannesburg – South Africa is heading for a new world record – and it’s nothing to be proud of.

Rhino experts warned on Monday that if the current rate of poaching continued until December, poachers were likely to set a new world record of almost 1 000 rhino killings in South Africa in a single year.

The expectation is based on the fact that at least 446 rhino have been killed in the first six months of the year.

This estimate of between 900 to 1…

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