Youth is wasted on the young

Loved this post – thought it so true.

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I have no idea who said that first, that youth is wasted on the young.  But, I do think it is true.  My most favourite time of my life – thus far – is from the time hubby and I met, to about eight or nine years into our marriage.  I loved meeting hubby, I loved our courtship and getting to know him, I loved our wedding and I loved the first couple of years of marriage.  Not that I’m not enjoying being married now – because I do – but those first couple of years were stress free and fun and were filled with so much anticipation of what the future could hold and what we could accomplish.  We had fun with each other and we had a fun marriage.  I really miss how things were back then.  Now – well, now we’re all grown up.  Worse than becoming…

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I have found becoming a mother has filled me with such anxiety on a deep and very insecure level. I hope this blog will help me gain my sense of calm, security and peace...

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