Why anonymously?

English: Pictogram, for "Internet (World ...

English: Pictogram, for “Internet (World wide web) address”, “Home page”. Like @ for e-mail (by @+www) Esperanto: Русский: Аналог @ для “www” (пиктограмма строки “Адрес в Интернете”). По мотивам “@” и “www” (гибрид при скрещивании). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why anonymously?


Well, this blog is going to be about literally airing my dirty laundry – on the World Wide Web.  For all to see and read about.  I cannot have my hubby and baby girl associated with that.  I need to protect them.  I need to feel free to express my thoughts and feelings without fear of being “found out”.  You will read and get to know my innermost thoughts, fears, anxieties – but I cannot have you know who I am.


I hope that one day I will have worked through all these issues and I will even forget about this blog or that I ever had a need to create one in the first place.


There will be no situation one day when baby girl is playing around on Google and comes across the blog and even if she does – there is no name attached to it.  I can protect her, my hubby and myself.  And I can tell you all the dirty little secrets you’ve been dying to know.  Its a win-win for all of us…


That is why…






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